Interview with Chicane

November 1, 2011
Ayesha Barretto: Welcome to Goa guys! Being as big and renowned as you are, what do you'll think of playing in small places like Goa?
Simon Small: We don't feel we're that big. We're just regular people having fun making music! Besides, we try not to be fazed by the screaming fans, fame and popularity. We just love playing our songs as long as they translate to the audience.

AB: Natasha, being the only girl in the group, how would you describe your experience with Chicane?
Natasha Andrews: Off stage? Very smelly and difficult (laughs). I also hear things I'd rather not but I consider it an education on the male species so it's all good. On stage however, it's a lot of fun. And there always is a moment that I absolutely love - the moment when we connect with the audience. They have to party with us; there is no other option. Even the crew is a part of our big family.

AB: So how has the journey been for Chicane so far?
Nick Bracegirdle: It's like a rollercoaster ride - we can't always be at the top but it is exhilarating nonetheless.
Mark Pusey: It's been great. While we require a lot of discipline it's been a massive amount of fun.

AB: But what's it like on stage for you guys?
Simon Small: It's utter madness on stage. We have stuff like drumsticks, towels and what not flying about!
Mark Pusey: I almost got kidnapped by a woman right off the stage during a concert!
Natasha Andrews: (Laughs) Apart from all that it's also a lot of energy, lots of dancing and looking down at smiling faces. For us, if the audience is having a good time then we're having a good time!

AB: But what happens when you'll play for a smaller crowd? Is it different then?
Nick Bracegirdle: The size of the crowd doesn't matter to us. Every gig we play for has a different crowd but the energy we put in is always the same.

AB: Are your gigs always preplanned and thought out?
Nick Bracegirdle: We have a set list before hand for which we sometimes sit for hours to plan out. Other times however, we throw all our planning and strategizing out of the window and do our own thing on stage.

AB: But what happens if something goes wrong?
Mark Pusey: Things can go wrong even when they've been very carefully planned out. So you just have to take it in your stride, go with the flow and hope that no one will remember it! We did a gig in Russia where the PA system went off three times. But the crowd stayed through it all and went home happy.

AB: So now that you'll are here in Goa, do you'll plan to get out and see the place?
Natasha Andrews: I want to. But knowing the guys, we might only get as far as the Goa Marriott swimming pool!

AB: Lastly, how would the rest of you describe Nick Bracegirdle, the man behind Chicane?
Simon Small: The brains behind Chicane is an absolute hatter!
Mark Pusey: Absolutely nuts!
Natasha Andrews: Down to earth and one of the best!

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