Interview with Roger Sanchez

November 1, 2011
You're one of the best house DJs in the world. Do you stick to that one genre?
Roger Sanchez: Music is always a new experience for me. It's detrimental to understand and preferably use a mix of all types of music.

Ishimono Nakamura: What is your main source of inspiration?
RS: Ibiza! It has been my summer home for the past six years or so. Summer is the best time to be there because all the holidayers make it to the Ibiza beaches around the same time. When I'm either making or mixing music, I like getting my inspiration from this crowd. They are uninhibited, free and that same energy, I mix into my music. Even playing for the crowd there is like realising a vision. ‘This' is what DJing is all about.

IN: Ibiza has got a bad name for its drug scene and party madness. Does that help being a DJ?
RS: I might be living in party central and I work at its core but when you're in a position like mine you either choose to get carried away with the tide or stay grounded and focused. I chose the latter. I stay in Ibiza because it allows me to do what I love.

IN: A Tribe Called Es, DV8, Egotrip, El Mariachi, Four Unusual Suspects, Funkjunkeez, Neanderthal, Nu-RS, Solution, Rhythm Factor, The, S-Man, The, Soundshaft, Transatlantic Soul, Tribal Infusion, Underground Solution - why so many aliases?
RS: For a DJ an alias allows him or her to make different types of music. If I am know for my house music as DJ Roger Sanchez then if I try something different people say, "Nah, that's not his style". But I can try something different out as Tribal Fusion or Funkjunkeez. It's about the freedom!

IN: Grammies and slumps on the ratings chart - it has been a rollercoaster of sorts hasn't it?
RS: The Grammy win for Best Re-mix of No Doubt's "Hella Good" back in 2003 had come two years after my first nomination. I still get excited thinking about it. Dropping positions on the DJ charts is simply because I've got other things on my mind as well - like family. Things will improve though; I'm just moving on to another leg of my music career.

IN: What is better, DJing or producing?
RS: They are so different. You can't properly choose between the two. There is a thrill in making new music, but there's a different kind of rush from playing for a live crowd. Producing compliments your talents as a DJ and vice versa.

IN: Release Yourself - the radio show has had a steady flow of listeners. Do you plan to keep the waves alive?
RS: Definitely! We've been going ahead with steady momentum, why stop now?

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