Interview with Ignatius Camilo

November 1, 2011
Shreta Arora: How did Iggy the DJ happen?
Ignatius Camilo: I started my career as a disc jockey in the year 1997 when I was studying to become a chartered accountant. I was lucky to have Fashion TV and MC channels on my television due to leaks (laughs). I use to watch these shows and enjoy the music being played in the background and this made me question why not such music in Goa? I met a lot of people, made use of my friend's internet cafe and downloaded a track a day. I was under huge financial cringe so I would walk for kilometers to save just one rupee. "It meant a lot that time" says, getting nostalgic. As I started to take deeper interest I got recognition. In a few days I got contracts to play at birthday parties and conferences. Playing for such events did bring in money but left me musically unsatisfied. "It left me angry because I wasn't playing what I wished to". So I decided to move base to Bombay and got in touch with the musical vibe that made me smile.

SA: How was the family reaction?
IC: Mom was hesitant initially. She thought I wouldn't be able to make it but I had to prove everyone wrong and make it for myself. Today on occasions she accompanies me to my gigs and while she's there she dances and enjoys. "Makes me happy to see her beat it", says with a glint in his eyes.

SA: We hear modeling also did the rounds... elaborate please!
IC: Modeling happened when a photographer from Bombay spotted me in Goa. He asked me to give modeling a shot which I did and from there it just carried on. Due to modeling my career in music sprang up. When I moved to Bombay I didn't want to come back to Goa because the vibe in Bombay suited me. I got a lot of work there and after a year and half I shifted base to Delhi where I got much more exposure, money and respect I was looking for. Besides modeling I kept doing my research on music and found what I really wanted... and it was to play music.

SA: What is music to Iggy?
IC: As a listener I collect various genres of music, it's anything and everything. What I love is Tech House which is a major part of the set I play. It has elements of house and techno along with a bit of drum and bass. I also love deep house.

SA: What is it that you want people to experience listening to your music?
IC: I jus want people to know that "there's more than what meets the eye". "I want play music that will age with time".

SA: How has the musical journey been so far?
IC: I have played at a lot of gigs within India. It has been a tremendous experience seeing so many people groove to your tracks. In 2008 I got to play for a gig in France which was a good step internationally.

Besides I have also played in London, Nepal and Bangladesh. "Oh, going to Nepal and Bangladesh I have learnt that people from these places really know what music is all about. You will be amazed to see their collection of music", speaks with a raised eyebrow.

However, playing at club ‘Fresh' in Morjim was so far ‘the best gig of my career'. The vibe, the energy and the spirit it was all superb. "It's a high to see so many people trip on your music." "It was simply lovely!"

SA: ‘Limited Release' - we would like to know more...
IC: Ah! I wanted to do something different apart from playing. My friend Vijay Kumar would learn disc jockeying form me and I proposed the idea to him. We both agreed and brainstormed and brought ‘Limited Release' in 2007. What we do here is: manufacture sound systems, customize speakers, give solutions to clubs about acoustics and promote artists that touch us aesthetically. The gig at club ‘Fresh' was a first venture of Limited Release in Goa.

SA: Is Goa and India progressing musically? As a musician what are your thoughts upon this?
IC: Music in India is getting better but only in pockets. India needs the exposure and the musicians here should be willing to learn. Goa on the other hand has so much to offer. I mean people from other parts of the world come here to perform. What is sad is that the DJs here are just stagnated. They don't have an identity of their own. This could be because of the fear of loosing their jobs or because of lack of passion. If you have the resources ten utilize them and create something different.

SA: A few words of wisdom to the upcoming artists...
IC: Work on aesthetics and practice, practice and keep on practicing. Use the internet, at one point we didn't have it and it was difficult. Today it's there so make use of it.

Never loose your track and stay focused.

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