Interview with Allan Ramirez

November 1, 2011
MM: Hi Allan. How is Goa treating you so far?
AR: Very good. Goa is a beautiful place. I'm in love with Palolem & Arambol. It's a beautiful peaceful place. How do you guys work here? (Laughs)

MM: Oh don't ask :) so tell us, how did DJing become a profession and how has the experience been so far?
AR: I've been surrounded by the music culture ever since I was a child. My dad was a DJ and that's how I got familiar with different genres of music, technique and music equipment. My mum was not too thrilled with the idea of me pursuing DJing as a full-time profession, especially since my brothers are involved in business. But now that I've established myself as a DJ and am doing well, she has accepted it. Well, I just love what I do, my life revolves around music. The journey to becoming an established DJ and producer has been fantastic!

MM: What kind of music do you like?
AR: I essentially play house music; electro-house, tech-house, minimal.....but my personal favourites are deep house and minimal. It's the Ibiza style!

MM: Which are your favourite clubbing destinations?
AR: My personal favourite is Ibiza of course! It's the party capital of the world where people take partying very seriously. But I also like playing in clubs at Barcelona, Paris and Helsinki. I was looking forward to playing in India, and thanks to a friend, I'm playing here in Goa tonight.

MM: Any particular DJs you look up to?
AR: Well, I do have a few favourites - Luciano, Loco Dice, Sven Vath, Antoine Clamaran to name a few.

MM: We're going to take you back in time. What was your first show like?
AR: My first major show was in Fritz Club in Barcelona. It had a crowd of close to 1500 people and I was extremely nervous, but it went of very well. I loved it! There's been no looking back since then. Eventually I went on to play at other popular clubs like Fabrik in Madrid, Mix Club in Paris and now the famous Space in Ibiza.

MM: What's it like, playing in Space, the most famous club in the party island?
AR: I think anyone who loves to party, has to make a visit to the island of Ibiza. The months of June right till September is the best time to visit as Ibiza literally shuts down in October. Space is a fabulous club. On a good night it has close to 30,000 people dancing and jumping to the beats of the music right through the day and night. It's a wonderful experience to play for a crowd who are enjoying themselves.

MM: How has the Indian Experience been so far?
AR: This is my first visit to India. I've not been able to visit any other place besides Goa, but I've had a wonderful time so far. I loved Palolem and Arambol, the beaches are beautiful. This is also my first show in Goa, here at Tease in Vivanta by Taj. I'm excited. I've never been to a club in India and so am looking forward to the experience. I hope people will like what I play.

MM: You also produce music, how was it collaborating with Bubu on ‘Sky' which went on to be a huge hit. Can we expect more from the two of you?
AR: Sure, there will be more tracks. Bubu and me have been collaborating and producing music since 2004 when we released out first remix called ‘Jaf - Music is my Life'. ‘Set me Free' was release the following year followed by ‘Sky'. We are presently working on some exciting music tracks which will be released soon.

MM: What does Allan Ramirez do when he's not spinning tracks?
AR: Most days I'm in the studio, while I DJ in the nights, so I'm always busy busy busy. But I do take time off to watch soccer - I'm a huge supported of the club Barcelona, obviously! I also like indulging in snowboarding and surfing whenever I have the time and I read up on books related to the field of music.

MM: When do we see Allan Ramirez in Goa again?
AR: Next year for sure! I just love this place.

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