Moon Arra @ Goa Chitra Museum

January 2, 2010  To  January 2, 2010
Goa Chitra Museum | Benaulim, South Goa
Musicians' profile

1) Jagadeesh M. R.
Self taught guitar player, composer and founder, Jagadeesh has been playing with pop, rock and jazz bands since the last 20 years. His influences come from jazz and ‘jamming' with different musicians of different styles and from a brief stint in Spain learning Flamenco, Jagadeesh also recorded and uploaded a song called "Road To Pondy", a breezy instrumental based on a mythical journey to Pondycherry, on the internet way back in 1999, www.iuma.com. (iuma stands for internet underground music archive) and uploaded this song ‘just for fun' and forgot all about it. The song received more than 1000 downloads and was also featured on a easy listening compilation by kidantrimmusic.com, an independent label in New York, and aired on radio stations in the US. Jagadeesh also recently composed and directed music for a school play which was adapted from Salman Rushdie's "Haroun And The Sea Of Stories".

2) Madhuri
Singer songwriter and co-founder Madhuri's vocals has influences from all over the world, but rooted in India. Inspired by singers like Susheela Raman, Sheela Chandra, Ella Fitzgerald and Freddy Mercury to name a few. She began singing in school operatas and small musical productions since she was eight years old. She's also been singing in pop and rock bands professionally since she was eighteen. She's always loved the irreverent and open sound of jazz and finds it the most inclusive form of music and a universal mode of communication. Madhuri has found a niche in world music and is constantly looking to expand the scope and possibilities of this genre with new influences and sounds from around the world as she travels. Her other passions include public speaking, writing, drama, dance, art, craft and fashion. She's been in the field of learning and development. With her special area being communication, her other areas of interest include performing arts, fine arts and applied arts. She has begun work on an entrepreneurial venture to make things viable for her, those who work with her and those less privileged.

3) Prakash Sontakke
Prakash is the son and disciple of Dr. R. B. Sontakke, a Doyen of the Gwalior Gharana and a direct disciple of the Legendary Pt. Omkarnath Thakur. Both of Prakash's parents were distinguished music teachers at the prestigious Benares Hindu University. Prakash has a triple masters degree in Hindustani classical music - guitar, vocals and violin.

Greatly inspired and personally blessed by Pt. Brijbhushan Kabra, the pioneer of Indian slide guitar, Prakash prefers to play the Gayaki Ang (vocal style) which recreates the emotion of the human voice on the instrument.He is equally at home jamming multi-cultural Funk in concert with triple Grammy winners, Ozomatli as he is exchanging phrases with North and South Indian classical virtuosi, opening for Rock Legend Jethro Tull or jurying auditions and training India's young future singing stars.

Prakash performs internationally, and his Classical Guitar concerts have been broadcast on All India Radio. Recipient of the prestigious Aryabhatta and Ganayogi Panchakshari Gawai awards, his creative explorations in Jazz and World music are deeply underlined by his classical training. He was awarded a scholarship from the Indian Department of Culture for his second instrument, the violin , and gives lectures and workshops on classical Indian music and slide guitar at home and abroad.

Prakash has traveled and performed overseas in Spain and Canada with various international groups such as Arya, Lehera. Recently, Lehera has the distinction of winning the world fusion award from the Independent Music Awards NY for their instrumental Heartsky, from judges like Peter Gabriel, Kylie Minogue, beating four hundred thousand entries worldwide.

4) Karthik Mani
Inspired by his illustrious parents - Mr. T. A. S. Mani, renowned percussionist of The Karnataka College of Percussion and ground breaking vocalist Ms. Ramamani, Karthik has been playing and studying music since the age of five. Blessed with a virtuosity and musical maturity far ahead of his years, he tours internationally and has performed with musicians like Mandolin U. Sreenivas, Carnatic flute Maestro N. Ramani, Ramesh Shotham, Louis Banks, Karl Peters and Mike Herting among others. He had been privileged in playing for an album with the internationally renowned Jazz legend Saxophonist Charlie Mariano for the album ‘Om Keshav‘ which was a huge success worldwide. Recently he performed at the Ruhr Triennale festival with the African singer Mory Kante, Tunisian singer Dhafer Yousuf and Carnatic vocalist Mrs. Ramamani. In the same festival he also played with Afro-Cuban percussionist Mokhtar Samba and Japanese guitarist Paul Shigihara. Although he has a solid foundation in South Indian Classical music, Karthik is very influenced by Jazz, Funk and World music. When his busy performing schedule allows him to, he teaches at the Karnataka College of Percussion in Bangalore. Karthik is part of Lehera along with Prakash.

5) Kenneth Wilson
Kenneth Wilson, known as Kenny is a young and phenomenally talented bass player, keenly honing his skills in jazz sensibilities. Kenny began by learning to play lead guitar with various bands in college.

But the percussive nature and tonality of bass guitar playing was magnetic and Kenny found himself attracted more and more towards bass playing. Kenny found the ideal combination with a young group called Caesar's Palace which chose to stay away from the typical rock format that many young bands ventured into. Instead, Caesar's Palace, backed by Kenny experimented with funk, fusion and soul with some original compositions as well as covers. Caesar's Palace performed all over India and Kenny's bass playing started getting noticed. Kenny's influences have been Victor Wooten, Phish, Pat Methany, Marcus Miller, James Gang, John Mayer and a lot of Indian musicians who he has been around and jammed with.

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